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15 July 2010 @ 07:20 pm
Moral Turpitude  

Title: Moral Turpitude

Author: ryoma_nakamada 

Genre: PWP/Smut/AU

Pairings: Okamoto x Inoo/KeiKei

Rating: NC- 17

Word Count: 1,823

Summary: Inoo Kei decided to shift from Architecture and took up Medicine. He soon became a physician and Keito became his patient.

Warning: If SMUT fics are not your type, better end reading here. This post contains explicit contents. If you are offended by such, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK :P

Disclamer: Purely fictional, nothing real and not from experience either :))))))

A/N: First homo smut! Hahaha! Because I promised myself to make this after the exams, idk why. :)) I think this is for hotfruits because she loves OkaNoo (sorry if it isn’t that good). Critics are

“Will this hurt?” Keito asked innocently.

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